Parrot Experience

Parrot Experience
Have you ever dived into a rainbow? In Oltremare everything is possible!

Among engaging music, stories of great friendship, during the Flight of the Rainbow you will meet the splendid parrots of the park in a mix of bright and unique colors, just like inside a rainbow! Orange, red, blue, yellow and green, the macaw specimens present are unique and will involve you in a thousand adventures.

Come and meet them and try to hold them in your fist, for an unforgettable moment with them.

Flight of the Rainbow

Red, orange, yellow, blue and green... rainbow appears in the Crazy Farm Arena with the colorful parrots of Oltremare!

Between music, surprises, stories of great friendship between animals and keepers, the new show 2023 will involve the public in a truly unforgettable double daily appointment.

The tropical forest

Tropical forest biomes contain the highest biodiversity among all terrestrial biomes. Although they cover a small area compared to other biomes, they play a crucial role in the planet's atmospheric, climatic and ecological systems.

Tropical forests are present in three regions of the planet: Central and South America; West, Central and Inland Africa, Madagascar; Asia-Pacific, which includes Southeast Asia, New Guinea and northeastern Australia.

The tropical (equatorial) rainforest biome is located near the equator, where day length, temperature, and rainfall are constant throughout the year. The biome of the tropical seasonal forest (the jungle) is instead located far from the equatorial zone, more towards the tropical areas. In some areas of the planet, these types of tropical forests extend beyond the tropics due to specific oceanic or climatic influences.

Tropical rainforests make up about 86% of tropical rainforest. The remaining 14% is made up of tropical seasonal forests.

Oltremare's parrots become ambassadors of the conservation message of this threatened ecosystem.

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