Isola di Ulisse

A great adventure awaits adults and children on the Island of Ulysses among suspension bridges, stairs, poles and ropes, dancing fountains, water cannons for epic battles with splashes ...
Isola di Ulisse

The island of adventure

A fantastic world with suspension bridges, routes at high altitude, ladders, poles, ropes and with a river to travel by boat, including water cannons for dripping battles.

Welcome to the island dedicated to Ulysses, his home. This is where he organizes his travels and often plays with his friends.

The Island of Ulysses is really an island of Adventure, a super fun space, dedicated to children and their parents.
Here every child can have fun both independently and interacting with the adults who accompany him and that they too have a lot of fun!

Area closed until April 2023

Furthermore, on the Island of Ulysses you will be able to play with curious machines that Ulysses wanted at all costs. These are strange submarines, crazy spaceships and improbable space-time vehicles ...
But where did he find them? You try to ask and maybe he will tell you about distant worlds and pranking scientists who do nothing but have fun with experiments based on jokes and splashes of water. Crazy stuff, indeed ... like jokers!

The inventions of Ulysses

On the Island of Ulysses, next to the river and the water games with a thousand jets, there is the space dedicated to the inventions of Ulysses.
There you can have fun trying your hand at dams and waterways, playing with experiments on communicating vessels, with water passages and sieves. And then the "worm" and the shifts of earth, with bulldozers and shovels to dig into the ground.
And as Ulysses says: only if you are curious can you become a scientist!

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