Darwin, the Rainforest


The real adventure passes from here.

Travel through the Darwin tropical forest and travel through time in the Cretaceous period. You will meet the absolute rulers of that era, dinosaurs and pterosaurs, you will immerse yourself in a mysterious atmosphere. You must not lack courage because you could meet two huge alligators.

The geological era represented is the one that goes from about 150 to 65 million years ago. The vegetation present will envelop you among ferns, araucarias and ginkgoines, but also palms, magnolias and orchids.

Watch out for what is hidden among this vegetation ... you will meet a Deinonychus antirrhopus and a Pteranodon.

In the forest there are also reptiles ... the huge alligators! These extraordinary predators with their armored bodies, muscular tails and powerful jaws evolved over 150 million years ago, and 65 million years ago they managed to avoid extinction, unlike their prehistoric contemporaries, the dinosaurs.

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