The greenhouse

The Garden of Evolution. The history of life on earth from the first organic molecule to the present day.

In our spectacular greenhouse 12 meters high and 1000 square meters in extension you will find the evolution of the plant kingdom, including:

  • Ferns , the first plants with leaves that do not have the flower and reproduce through spores.
  • Conifers , belonging to the "Gymnosperms" family from the Greek "bare seed" plant as they have no flower like conifers. Among the conifers you will also find Auracaria, very rare and protected by international conventions. Evergreen with ovate-shaped leaves thorny tip This particular aspect allows to limit water losses and face hostile climates.
  • Ginkgo biloba , the only surviving species of a group of very ancient plants, from whose roots active ingredients used in herbal medicine and medicine are extracted.
  • The “Angiosperms” with which a structure that encloses and protects the seeds appears for the first time: the flower. Today they are the most widespread plants on Earth, among the most primitive genera there are Palms and Magnolias. There are many species of Palms, different in shape and height. The leaves can be palmate as in the fan palm or pinnate as in the date palm. The Magnolias belong to one of the oldest families of Angiosperms. The essence extracted from their flowers is still among the most used in cosmetics.
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