Lands of water

The Oltremare Delta is an area conceived with the aim of bringing "a piece of the Po Delta" into contact with the thousands of guests who annually visit the Oltremare park and who may never have the opportunity to directly "experience" an ecosystem so important but also so threatened.

Along the way you can observe not only flora and fauna typical of the Delta, such as the Cobice sturgeon ( Acipenser naccarii ), an endemic species of the Adriatic Sea in strong reduction in numbers and area due to direct and indirect anthropic activities, but also the so-called "alien" species that very often have supplanted the native ones, such as the red-eared marsh tortoises.

The mouths of rivers are among the most interesting environments for those who want to observe the development of life: the habitats of the mouth are determined by a very particular balance of different waters, rapidly changing landscapes, creatures of land and water.

The Po Delta is one of the richest environments of life in Italy.

Area closed until April 2023

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