The little Australian kangaroos

Wallabies are marsupial animals of the Macropodidae family , native to central and southern Oceania. Their dimensions are smaller than those of kangaroos, they reach a maximum height of 90 centimeters and a weight of 20 kg.

They have four legs, the back ones are larger and more robust with four toes, which they use to move through jumps. Two of these fingers are larger and have nails, the remainder are articulated in a common sheath.

The front paws, much smaller than the rear ones, end in five toes equipped with nails. The tail is long and thick and is used to maintain balance when the animal moves by jumping or walking. They have a small head, with large, movable ears. The upper half of the body is poorly developed compared to the lower half.

They are herbivorous, although some species can be omnivorous. Their diet is usually high in fiber and not much protein.

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