The tools of the falconer

  • The hood serves to cover the animal's eyes and this helps him to remain calm in situations of potential stress.
  • The glove , in falconry is the tool that allows you to carry the bird of prey without suffering annoying scratches and painful claws on the hands and arms.
  • The threadbare is a rope to which a fake prey consisting of pens or a piece of padded leather is attached, with a consistency suitable for the animal in question. Its function is to simulate a moving prey so that the hawk feels stimulated in pursuing it.
  • The filagna is a very long rope that allows, in the early stages of training, to carry out the first exercises even from a fair distance: you use it until you are sure of the confidence and readiness of your hawk.
  • The geti are strips of strong and soft leather that are applied to the legs of the hawk and are used to hold it to the glove, the block or the pole.
  • Bags are essential for the transport of worn-out, meat, hoods etc.
  • The transmitter to be attached to the raptor's leg serves to follow him in case he moves away.
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