Falconer's tools

A fascinating art full of curiosities and secrets. If we delve a little inside, we will discover a series of very ancient equipment still considered irreplaceable.

The art of falconry

To do falconry you need very ancient equipment:
  • The hood serves to cover the eyes of the animal and helps it to remain calm in situations of potential stress
  • The glove, the tool that allows you to carry the bird of prey on the arm, without suffering annoying scratches
  • The worn, a rope to which a fake prey is attached consisting of feathers or a piece of padded leather, of a consistency suitable for the animal. Its function is to simulate a moving prey so that the bird of prey feels stimulated to chase it.
  • The filagna, a very long rope that allows, in the early stages of training, to carry out the first exercises even from a reasonable distance: you use it until you are sure of the confidence and readiness of your raptor
  • The geti, strips of strong and soft leather that are applied to the legs of the bird of prey and serve to hold it in a glove, block or pole
  • The bags for the transport of the worn out, of the meat, of the hood etc.
  • The transmitter to attach to the raptor's leg is used to understand where it is, in case it moves away

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