Frequently asked questions, the answers of our staff.

What is included in the entrance ticket?
Admission ticket includes all the daily appointments, emotional moments, mini insights such and some attractions.
Not included in the price: catering, merchandise, interactive programs, photos, guided tours for schools and organized groups, canoe service, baptism of the saddle with ponies, Adventure Park and the bag of nuggets for the Australia Experience area.

How long does the visit to the Park last?
The visit to the Oltremare Park normally varies between 4 and 8 hours of stay.

Are there emotional moments with animals in the Park? What hours do they have?
The emotional moments are: Conosci i delfini (not in weekend) and Delfini - lo spettacolo della natura,  Volo dei Rapaci with birds of Prey and Volo dell'Arcobaleno with parrots. For timetables see the page http://www.oltremare.org/orari_calendario.php

Can you swim with dolphins?
No, it is prohibited by Italian law. However, it is possible to experience the thrill of spending unforgettable moments with them, participating in our interactive programs that you can find at the page http://www.oltremare.org/programmi_interattivi.php

Do interactive programs have to be booked in advance?
Yes, you can access the page http://www.oltremare.org/programmi_interattivi.php and proceed with the online booking and payment, following the procedures. The interactive programs follow a precise weekly calendar. The minimum number of participants to activate them is 3 people. If the minimum number is not reached, the date will be changed.

Is the park still accessible if it rains?
Yes, attractions are all functioning as are the appointments in the lagoon which take place regularly.
Only in case of rain, for safety reasons, Volo dei Rapaci could be suspended as the in-depth study Volo dell'Arcobaleno. 

Are there refreshment and picnic areas inside the Park?
There are numerous refreshment points in overseas: Caffè Pascucci, Capperi, Baraonda, Sottomare Snack, Osteria del Pesce, Hot DOC, La Piadineria, Pasta, Ulisse Snack, La Gastronomia. Openings follow the seasonality and flows of the park.
There is also a shaded picnic area for packed lunches in the Delta area.
For more information on the refreshment points, visit the page http://www.oltremare.org/ristorazione.php

Are there any products for celiacs?
Yes, it is possible to buy certified gluten-free products at our Capperi restaurant.

Can I go out and back in the same day with the same ticket?
Yes, before leaving the Park, just have the control staff put a stamp on your hand at the entrances. If you want come back another day you can pay 5 euros for return another time, in Photo Area and Information Point. 

How do combined tickets work?
Combination tickets between Oltremare, Aquafan, Italia in Miniatura and Acquario di Cattolica allow for considerable savings compared to the rates of the single park. They can be used on different days, within the entire seasonal opening period. For further information, consult the page http://www.oltremare.org/tariffe.php

Are there a nursery and rent-strollers?
Yes, the nursery is located in the area behind the Dolphin Lagoon, equipped with changing tables, bottle warmers, sinks and a comfortable corner where you can breastfeed in privacy. There is no electric stove but a microwave oven. In the women's bathrooms there are tables or changing tables for changing nappies. Pacifiers, bottles and diapers for small children are on sale at the Big O and Open shop. You can rent strollers for a fee. The cost is 5 euros for the whole day, with a deposit of 20 euros at the time of rental and the delivery of an identity document.

Can animals be brought into the park?
Animals are welcome in Oltremare, however, given the presence of other animals in the park there are some limitations. Just ask the park staff and ask them what and how to visit the park.
Animals cannot enter Planet Earth for a matter of protection of the animals themselves given the very loud noises. They will have to remain at a distance during the appointments in Laguna of Ulisse and iVolo dei rapaci. They must be kept on a leash for the whole day of the visit.
Large dogs are not allowed to enter the boats on the Island of Ulisse.
People who cannot enter the attractions listed above with animals can take advantage of the skip-the-line service: once the normal queue has been made, one person can wait at the entrance of the attraction with the animal while the other people can take advantage of the attraction. At the end of it, people will be able to change without having to re-queue.

Is there a parking? Is there a camper parking?
Parking is adjacent to the park and costs € 5.00 for car, € 10.00 for camper. It is possible to reach the park by camper.
You can stop only for the time spent in the park: we do not have an equipped parking area.

The park is accessible to people with disabilities
Guests with 100% disability, by showing the card with the percentage and the identification document, enter the park for free and their companions pay the reduced ticket.All areas and most of the attractions (except Ulisse Island) they are accessible by wheelchair, the avenues are easily accessible and there is an elevator to move on the three floors.
By contacting the staff you can have priority access to the attractions.
On each of the three floors there are toilets reserved for guests with disabilities.

Is it possible to take photos or videos inside the park?
Yes, provided that the rules for the protection of animals and other people present are respected. Therefore, flash photography of animals cannot be taken.

Is it possible to take a photo with dolphins?
Yes, for a fee. It must be booked at a cost of 25 euros per person, at photo-point near Baraonda once you arrive at the park. There are two moments in which it is allowed to take the photo, both immediately after the two daily appointments 'Delfini lo spettacolo della natura'. 

Are there any other limitations relating to the flora and fauna of the park?
Yes, for the health of the animals it is forbidden to knock on the glass or windows. You can't feed animals.
It is forbidden to touch or pick flowers and plants inside the Darwin attraction.

Are there any restrictions for children?
The park is suitable for people of all ages.
The Isola di Ulisse attraction is not recommended for children under 3 years old; for each boat, there must be at least one person (driving) aged 12 and over. In the attractions Pianeta Terra and Darwin (partially) there are loud noises and sudden special effects; therefore they are not suitable for pregnant women and easily impressionable people.
Strollers cannot enter Planet Earth. In addition, in the performance areas they must be left outside the stands.

Can strollers be hired inside the park?
In Oltremare it is possible to take advantage of a stroller rental service that can be collected at the information office located in the main entrance square, near the ticket offices.
The service is offered at a cost of € 2.00.
We also point out that in order to use the service it is necessary to present an identity card.

Is there a lost property office?
Yes, it is necessary to contact the information points in the park or call 0541 4271.

Is there an object deposit?
Yes, inside the park there are lockers to deposit any objects.
The deposit is not guarded. The cost is 1 euro each time the locker is opened. In the various attractions it is not possible to leave objects in the custody of the staff on duty.

Is there an infirmary inside the park?
Yes, the infirmary service is always present in the park.

Is it possible to buy tobacco products inside the park?
It is possible to buy stamps at the Big “O” shop. Tobacco, mobile phone and newspaper top-ups are not for sale. In the summer it is possible to ask the staff to move around to purchase tobacco products inside Aquafan and then return to Oltremare.

Is it possible to make ATMs inside the park?
Yes, in the main entrance square, next to the information office, you will find an ATM.

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