Australia Experience

The park

Kangaroos like wallabies

A leap to the other side of the world to get to know Australia and its inhabitants!
Wallabies are marsupial animals native to central and southern Oceania. Their dimensions are smaller than those of kangaroos, they reach a maximum of 90 centimeters in height and a weight of 20 kg.
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The Great Kronosaurus

In this nice corner of the park you can transform yourself into a real paleontologist. Armed with a brush, you can go to the discovery of sensational finds, come across the remains of a great dinosaur from antiquity!
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Gold digger

A fun game to discover the nuggets, in the Oltremare river, next to the large waterfall. The gold rush has led many adventurers to experience incredible feats in Australia: have fun with sieves and experience the thrill of finding special nuggets and stones in the sand.
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Cave paintings

The history of the primitives lives on today in the large rock wall next to the Oltremare waterfall.
In an explosion of colors, fantasy and dreams, here are the cave drawings.
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