The Mill of the Owl

Mulino del Gufo

Built on the models of the typical nineteenth-century mills in the Po river delta area, the Mulino del Gufo represents the refuge of diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey guests of the Oltremare Park.

Inside there are no normal rooms, but aviaries that are the home of different species: eagle owls, snow owls, barn owls (nocturnal), steppe eagles, lanner falcons, sacred, kestrels, Harris buzzards, vultures from the cap and griffin.

These birds are all born in a controlled environment and are followed daily by the careful care of expert falconers and by the staff of biologists and veterinarians of the park.

It is from the Mulino del gufo that the exciting "Flight of the Birds of Prey" begins, a flight and hunting demonstrations in which the Birds of Prey speed on the heads and in front of the eyes of amazed young and old visitors.

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