Meet Ulisse

The Mascot of Oltremare, Ulisse, awaits you every day in the Lagoon. Live magical adventures!
Meet Ulysses

Ulisse is waiting for you!

He is a curious dolphin and awaits you every day in Oltremare to meet you and play with you. Ulisse lives in the center of the park, on an island that bears his name. A strange submarine is his base camp and it is there that he prepares new adventures.
Ulisse is really a curiosone and will be able to tell you everything about his animal friends, guests of Oltremare. Be sure that each one will be able to intrigue you with a nice anecdote. When you meet Ulisse, greet him: you will immediately become friends and he will give you the sign of adventure, a symbol of the birth of a new friendship.

A greeting and you are immediately friends

Our trainers communicate with Lagoon dolphins through sign language. And our Ulisse can teach you them. So, when you meet him, try to repeat this gesture with your hands together with your family

Close your right hand into a fist and with the palm of your left hand make circles, as in the drawing: of all the signs that Ulisse normally uses, this is his favorite. This gesture means Family, which is the word that Ulisse loves the most. Because the most exciting adventures are those you have experienced together with the people you love!

The sign of adventure

Oltremare is the park where you can experience a thousand emotions. Ulisse will guide you on exciting adventures, like a real explorer.
Each adventure in overseas will be one of the many stages that you can face with your Adventure Passport.

You will find yourself immersed, together with your whole family, in the story and in the encounter with nature and you will thus be able to increase, with emotion and fun, your respect and your knowledge towards the planet, animals, plants. In its mission as Family Experience Park, Oltremare places the family at the center, offering opportunities to meet and share those values that, day by day, must direct us towards a better world.

The sign of adventure is the symbol of Oltremare, all those who wear it represent the spirit of the park and the testimony of the existence of a great friend.

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