Blanco, the wallaby puppy

The best surprise  in the Australia Experience area!
A few weeks ago from the belly of Magda mum, the nose appeared ... of a very nice albino puppy!

The little one was a real joy for all the park staff and also for the visiting public, who were able to admire him. 

It's called Blanco and currently weighs 1.5 kg. He jumps here and there, eats lots of vegetables and gets pampered by his mom. What amuses him the most is getting in and out of the pouch: he is very curious and loves to explore the exhibit, where he lives, with the beautiful family of Oltremare wallabies.

The baby is all white, unlike mother Magda, gray like all the other small marsupials of the Oltremare Family Experience Park colony. Generally albinism is a rare and extraordinary fact, but in this case there were chances that this would manifest itself: in the genetics of the colony of wallaby from which Magda descends, there have in fact been other cases similar to Blanco.

What is albinism? Determined by a genetic anomaly, it predicts the absence of pigmentation.
In nature, albino wallabies are very at risk of survival: in the midst of Australian eucalyptus forests they could not hide from predators, and they are very easy prey.
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