An unforgettable journey full of emotions

Meet the stars

Ulisse presents Mia!

Ulisse, Mia, Cleo, baby Taras and grandma Pelé and every dolphins of Oltremare waiting you in the  most beautiful European dolphin lagoon!

Come to meet Ulisse's world, living beautiful emotions at new shows and interactive programs.  

Guided tours and close encounters await you thanks to the presence of our experts and animal keepers.

Lagoon is also the scene of two different institutional events: "Delfino- the spectacle of nature" and "Know the dolphins".

In the lagoon of dreams the new arrival Mia waits you! This is the real spectacle of nature.

Appointment dedicated to the emotion and the discovery of Ulysses and his friends.

Dolphins, men, nature: An engaging mix to live with the open eyes the dream of many person, meet the cute marine mammals, and take a look at their world, made of jumps, splashes, sounds and interactions.

The dream for the whole family, for enthusiasts or for simple lovers of nature, it has never been so nice to beat their heart in unison with that of the overseas dolphins.
You will be able to share the love and friendship between keepers and dolphins, surrounded by the notes of a new and engaging soundtrack.

 Keepers' world - Meet the dolphins

A magical moment dedicated to the  discovery of this beautiful animals. You’ll learn all about how the animal keepers at Oltremare look after and train our amazing dolphins. Every session is different to the other as our expert staff will discuss what is going on with the animals during their different natural behavior.


Eagles, Falcons, Owls and Vultures offer and incredible flying and hunting demonstration,  guided by our expertise falconers.

Meet this extraordinary predators that will surprise everyone with their reckless feats!


Our forest parrots demonstration is a unique occasion to meet our macaws, parrots and the rare sun conure.  

Kiwi, Brazil, Perù, Mandy and Orlando are the stars of this emotional and educational demonstration where the parrots became conservation message ambassador of a highly threatened ecosystem such as the rainforests.


Unforgettable emotions in the open air, among farm animals and ancient traditions. Sheep, bunnies, geese, animals in the hive and even a nutria can not wait to meet you in the Overseas Farm. Where you can also ride ponies or feed and caress the goats.

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