"Oltremare" dolphins live in one of the largest pools in Europe.

The Dolphin pool is not only exceptional in size, but also in design and technology used to make it work. The Dolphin Lagoon is designed to provide the best quality of life possible. It has a grandstand which can seat up to 2500 people and from which you can watch the "The green dolphin exposition".

The structure is composed of 4 interconnecting pools plus a liaison channel.

The total volume of water is approximately 9 million gallons.

The pools are:

  • “Main Pool”: it is the biggest, with a total area of 1173 m2; its shape is irregular and it has variable depth (max. 6 m). These two details offer a more stimulating environment for dolphins.
  • “Reproduction pool”: as its name indicates, this bathtub is the place where the puppies are born and raised by Mom. It has an area of  243 square meters and a depth of 3.50 meters.
  • “Holding  Pool”: this is a multifunctional separation pool; it has an area of 160 square meters and a depth of  3.50 meters.
  • "Medical pool": it is a very small pool  that is used in case of health problems of dolphins; its dimensions make it easy to empty and this allows trainers to act quickly on case of a sick animal.

In 2010 a mobile bottom was installed in the ‘reproduction pool’, a real automated platform that can be raised by allowing easy access to animals inside the pool, without the need to empty the same.

Veterinarians and biologists can quickly perform routine inspections  (blood tests, ultrasound, biometric measurements, etc.) on animals who need a first aid;  they also can interact with individuals who have difficulties, not only physically but also behavioral.


The physical well-being of dolphins depends largely on the quality of the water in which they live: the water of the pool is constantly filtered and the entire volume of water can be treated in about 3 hours.

To eliminate the bacteria that might be present in the pool, small amounts of chlorine are used together with ozone which is a high power gas disinfectant.

Reduced use of chlorine avoids problems of animal skin irritation, but at the same time it creates a proliferation of algae.

To eliminate the growth of algae “Oltremare”  has a team of divers who daily removes them with

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