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Meeting the dolphins will never be the same!


Oltremare is celebrating his 10th year anniversary with a new way of experiencing the biggest and most beautiful European dolphin lagoon!


Our dolphin lagoon will be open all day long with our expert staff ready to answer all your questions about this extraordinary marine creatures. Along the lagoon esplanade you will be able to get to know what Oltremare does to preserve the health and the social interaction of our dolphins (games, social behavior, energies, recognition, research, biology).


The Lagoon will be the theatre for two emotional moments with our dolphins: “Dream” and “Meet the dolphins”.

The Dolphins Voice


Be captivated by the agility and grace of our dolphins in this emotional moment. You’ll be absolutely enchanted as the dolphins perform in their natural behavior such as jumps, water sprays and sounds breaking the language barriers between man and animals. Be captivated by our beautiful dolphins



Meet the dolphins


Meet the dolphins is a magical moment dedicated to the  discovery of this beautiful animals. You’ll learn all about how the trainers at Oltremare look after and train our amazing dolphins. Every session is different to the other as our expert staff will discuss what is going on with the animals during their different natural behavior.




Eagles, Falcons, Owls and Vultures offer and incredible flying and hunting demonstration,  guided by our expertise falconers. Meet this extraordinary predators that will surprise everyone with their reckless feats!





Our forest parrots demonstration is a unique occasion to meet our macaws, parrots and the rare sun conure.  


Kiwi, Brazil, Perù, Mandy and Orlando are the stars of this emotional and educational demonstration where the parrots became conservation message ambassador of a highly threatened ecosystem such as the rainforests.





This hilarious and educational animal farm demonstration will make the whole family laughing.


Hedgehogs, rats, ferrets, ducks, roosters, chickens, sheep, pigs, and even a skunk American will be featuring in a rural life story to rediscover the typical rural tradition.





Our new musical starting June 14th and ending September 15th.

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